Monday, May 9, 2011


Unfortunately, I will have to do this post without photos. I have the cable and the camera with me, but they are in my room and I don't have internet in my room. As I currently have the time and the drive to post, I figured I would take my chance, even though there are no pictures.

A few things have happened since my last post. Classes closed up shop on Wednesday the 4th of May. At Tec de Monterrey, finals then last until the 18th of May. Luckily, I had two tests on the 5th, turned in a paper on the 6th, did a project early, and a friend is turning a paper in for us tomorrow.

My Tec de Monterrey days are officially over.

According to Hugo, there is a Mexican saying that basically says that anything more than 70 or 80% is vanity. I don't mean to be vain, but it appears as if I have landed very securely in the vanity arena.

I am currently spending some time at the beach in Ixtapa. I figured that I needed to make it to a Mexican beach at some point in time before leaving and this just seemed to work out. This little beach fairy tale will be over at the end of the week, and then this weekend, we have the semi-finals for flag football. My team wishes that I could change my flight so as to stay for the final game, but changing a ticket is pricy and plans have already been made. They will do fine without me.

My official departure from the beautiful land of Mexico is the 19th of May. You can look for me in Bluffton as soon as Saturday if you so wish.

I'll try to find some photos to put up as soon as possible so that you can see me enjoying my final days in Mexico.

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  1. Congratulations Jay for doing so well! I look forward to the photos and having you back safe! Love you, Grandma